Monday, June 18, 2012

On bare ground

A poem that surfaced and survived as I tried to inch away from my writing drought:

on bare ground 
I sprinkle small seeds
with abandon
as if growing wildflowers
requires a lack of care

Notes from the Gean, June 2011; Take Five (vol. 4), 2012

The many wildflower seeds I enthusiastically bought and sprinkled around didn't amount to much. Perhaps that's not surprising in this, what I sometimes call, godforsaken place where "nothing" will grow alongside the towering lobollies save hardy native vegetation such as yaupon and monster wild grape vines. Of course, the extensive droughts, ongoing temperature extremes, and certain other factors didn't help. 

But every now and then, when you're not really looking, a few seeds will work their magic: for me, a couple of years later, a single clump of Texas bluebonnets, the lemon-yellow blooms on Missouri primrose. . . 


  1. Hi Janet,

    I like this one a lot, with its conjunction of abandon/wildness/lack of care.
    (But we've never had much success with scattering wildflower seeds--they DO seem to want care!)

    Beautiful photo, too.

    I'm enjoying your new blog, and you inspired me to reorganize mine a bit, as well!


  2. Thanks, Jenny, for stopping by and commenting!

    Yes, they (the seeds and the seedlings) DO require more care than one would think!

    Keeping up with a blog is a bit harder and more tedious than I'd realized. Eek, I found typos already...So, I've written a tanka about that, to be posted soon.