Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Each year, for you

each year, for you
a box of birthday chocolates . . .
what's yours is mine?
how neatly I slice in two
the pieces for you to share

Modern English Tanka, Fall 2006; Fire Pearls, 2006 

Unfortunately, this tradition may fall by the wayside. Can't find See's Assorted Dark Chocolates just anywhere.

P.S. Some of my early tanka were pretty long.


  1. A lovely tanka.

    After 52 years we still share chocolates and other things. Is there no longer a See's Candy? I'll have to ask my sister in LA when she gets back from her trip.


  2. Thanks, Adelaide!
    That's so nice...after 52 years!
    Yes, there's a See's, don't worry. It's just that I know of only one grocery store in Houston where I can find the all-dark assortment - and I don't even live in Houston anymore. But as I write this, I'm feeling annoyed at myself...because just this Thursday I was doing an errand in town right by that store, yet I forgot to go in and buy the candy! EEK, don't tell him... ;)