Monday, December 17, 2012

After the snow

after the snow
a large-winged seagull
fills the sky

—Haiku News, Dec. 16, 2009; Haiku News Anthology, 2012

It was big news for us: a beautiful, light snow—the earliest one on record for Houston, Texas. Houston is located about 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico; it rarely snows there, much less the first week in December (not to mention one day before my birthday). An exceptionally cool winter would follow.



  1. I love how the white wings of the seagull fill the sky, echoing the snow.

  2. thanks for the comment! a memorable sight, that gull.

  3. a lovely image

    I wish you a happy holiday, although it seems callous to wish for a happy holiday when so many families are suffering...the Conn. families, the hurricane families and so many others.


  4. Thanks for your comment and greetings, Adelaide; hope you have a good holiday too. But I know what you mean about the suffering - and the feeling we don't "deserve" any joy right now . . .

  5. I love your snow haiku, too, Janet . . .