Friday, March 8, 2013

Crystal droplets

crystal droplets
and leafless branches
of dark bronze . . .
this chandelier becomes
a winter garden

— a tanka I posted at Kirsten Cliff's blog for her Siloh Tanka Contest 2012 ("Winter Dream") 

Though I may be very sensitive to allergens such as pollen—which we do have a lot of around here, even in winter—design-wise I like bringing the outdoors inside. My preferred aesthetic is rustic and old-looking with a small amount of bling. Thus, the above chandelier is perfect for me (and I managed to snatch it up for a decent price too). My significant other was lukewarm to it; however, on this item I wasn't going to compromise (smile). Alas, my winter garden!

P.S. In reality, the actual chandelier branches aren't completely "leafless." ;)


  1. But the branches are leafless, thinking of real leaves. I really like both poem and picture.

  2. thanks - glad you like it - and the chandelier!

    p.s. thanks again for the award. (I never did receive it thru e-mail, but don't worry about it!)

  3. thank you. glad to see you popping in, Juliet!

  4. Janet... love your chandelier~ I love rusty gold too! This one is fantastic! The tanka is perfect. Fits it just right! xo stace