Friday, May 10, 2013

Nothing amiss; I must be ...

nothing amiss:
the petunias profuse
this morning
in lavender and pink
but still ... a certain feeling

I must be
such an imposter
     spring rain clouds
     darken my little corner,
     don't materialize

Modern English Tanka, issue 3, Spring 2007
"I must be" contains slight edits to the original.


  1. Two sensitive and highly relatable poems evoking the subtle vicissitudes of mood.

  2. thanks, jenny. you describe my tanka better than I can!

  3. I especially like the 1st tanka.We can have all we want and need and yet...feel like we want something more. Maybe that's why some people take pills. They don't realize that these moods come to all of us now and then.


  4. Thanks, Adelaide!
    I suspect we all have moods of many different colors and shades. At times, the shades may be subdued.

  5. I am new to tanka - but you have intrigued me with your besutiful words.

  6. thank you, Doodles (like that name!). I see you write too. enjoy your exploration of tanka. but warning: writing tanka can be quite an addictive pastime, lol!

    will check out your blogs sometime when I get the chance ...