Tuesday, November 19, 2013

False positive

Well, since I've just returned from a long journey, maybe an airport tanka is fitting:

false positive
from the airport scanner—
so quick
I don't see it coming,
a woman's hands on me

Fire Pearls 2, 2013

That didn't happen this time. :)


  1. I was on a trip recently and hadn't flown since they ramped up the security to this new level. But, I thankfully emerged unmolested! ha! You are so good at the element of humor in your tanka. Made me grin!

  2. thanks, jennifer. I hadn't flown either, for a long while, until last year. now, I'm almost getting used to being herded around, removing pieces, and being Xeroxed. I haven't been "molested" either, luckily, on the last couple of trips. and I'm happy to say that airports in foreign countries don't require everyone to visit the "naked" scanners; at the other places, we got to walk through the old metal scanners! thanks for posting!

  3. Certainly one any traveler can relate to! I've had my palms swabbed for traces of explosive dust in New Hampshire; and my chap-stick opened and sniffed in India! I enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek humor about this universal annoyance.

  4. Tongue-in-cheekness may be a survival mechanism of mine!
    T. had his quart-sized bag of "liquids" scanned for explosive materials, in either Houston or London (how soon I forget!), but THIS time I was left alone at each airport. However, I've had quite enough exposure to airports for a long while! (We spent enough hours at them!)

  5. Charming and funny - and (these days) oh so, creepily true!

  6. it was a little shocking at the time. thanks, wendy!