Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guest Poet: an eggplant (plus travel photos)

An eggplant isn't the guest poet, but Jenny Ward Angyal is. I consider Jenny to be one of the most gifted and appealing writers of English-language tanka today. Her keen, unique perception and special bond with nature flavor her poems. I have many favorites. Here's but one from her ever-growing collection. It's an ekphrastic tanka (inspired by a piece of art; see her links below): 

an eggplant
squats on the counter
fecund and faceless
as the Venus of Willendorf –
my knife in midair

I was excited to learn we'd be passing by the wee town of Willendorf on our river cruise this past November. The program director even announced the town on the loudspeaker—and mentioned the ancient little Venus figurine that made it famous. We managed to shoot a photo or two:

A scene in Willendorf, Austria

I also was excited when I noticed this shop window in tiny, medieval Durnstein, a short ways down the Danube (wish I had one of those Venus of Durnstein figurines!):

Notice how the colors coordinate with the colors
used in local architecture?

Many thanks, Jenny. Please peruse her blog, The Grass Minstrel, sometime. Also be sure to check out the above two links associated with her Venus tanka. 


  1. Janet, thank you so much for your exceedingly kind comments and for pairing my poem with your wonderful photos!

  2. You're welcome. The pleasure is mine!

  3. This tanka brought a smile. I visited Jenny’s blog and enjoyed reading several of her lovely pieces. Thanks for all you do in support of fellow poets, Janet. (I enjoyed the photos, too.)

  4. Thank so much for the comment, Wendy. Glad you visited Jenny's blog. I feel all us writer-creative types should support each other! :)