Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E-mail subscription issue

Well, it seems my FeedBurner e-mail subscriptions aren't working. I know I'm not the only Blogger experiencing this problem. I assume all twigs&stones e-mail subscribers haven't received my posts for several weeks. Sorry about that! If I knew how to fix the problem (and if it were quick to fix), I would. I'll continue to attempt to check into things as I find the time. Of course, if you're reading this notice, that probably means you're not an e-mail-only subscriber!


  1. I'm not getting email directly from your blog, but I just signed up at Feedspot.com to receive email notifications of posts on all the blogs I follow--and I got one informing me of this post!

  2. Very good! So, you're the feedspot person I saw in my stats!