Monday, April 14, 2014

Building a fence

building a fence
out here in the country
still this need
to neatly section off
the empty spaces

kernels, July 2013


  1. So true . . . of so many things in life. By the way, congratulations on your poem’s inclusion in the book: Three Minus One, Janet. I’m so pleased for you.

  2. I echo Wendy's true! And deserve it!

  3. merci, you two, for reading and responding.

    and thanks about 3 - 1 too. rec'd my copy the other day, but I haven't read anything yet. they're about infant loss, so you have to be in the "right" frame of mind to start reading. I understand, though, that the essays, etc., are excellent. (there are mainly essays, plus several poems and a few photos sprinkled throughout.)

  4. Another poem that seems so simple and literal on the surface but which contains a thought-provoking metaphor.

  5. thank you, jenny. sometimes I "fear" I may be too quiet and simple!

  6. so poignant! love it!

  7. Thanks, Susan, and glad you "got" it.
    As I mentioned above, my tanka tend to whisper instead of shout, and I wonder who might hear them.

  8. I hear them and I feel them too <3