Friday, May 2, 2014

The mockingbird

the mockingbird
stands guard, shrieks at me;
she should know
I can't reach her nest,
that I never could quite fly

—Modern English Tanka, #3, Spring 2007

Now, reading this years later, I wonder, "Was I that sad?" Maybe. This week I was sad, because a creature, unable to fly, did reach the nest. My ecstasy of the bluebird house finally serving its intended purpose suddenly flew away. I should have realized what had happened as soon as we discovered the coiled-up rat snake napping under a pile of pruned limbs.


  1. Aww! Life is the whole mix, isn't it, the ups and the downs... you capture how we feel so well with your tanka.

  2. A thoughtful, relatable little nature sketch – wistfully drawn.

  3. many thanks, jennifer and wendy.

    by the way, my line 5 makes me cringe a bit. but this tanka seemed to fit the bill this week, so I pulled it out again!

  4. Just keep trying your wings! You never know.

  5. yes, one always needs to try one's wings!

  6. Maybe flying is not possible, but we can run.


  7. Metaphorically, we can probably fly too from time to time?