Thursday, August 21, 2014

Should've caught it

should’ve caught it
in his signature
the large “S”
with all those curlicues
elaborate as his lies

—"Angry Tanka," Atlas Poetica Special Feature, 2014 (edited by Susan Burch)

This one came flying out of me about three years ago. 
And you should know who you are. ;)


  1. Yikes! I can think of a number of times I "should've" caught something. Well told Janet!

    1. I guess we don't want to believe our suspicions - give the person the benefit of the doubt. :)

  2. In my experience, there's never a graphologist around when you need one. Cute capture, Janet. Smiles

    1. I used to analyze handwriting as a hobby for a while long ago. I was aghast at this person's signature, but I still paid no heed...

  3. I love this one! I'm so happy you submitted it to the angry tanka special feature - it truly deserves to be showcased!

    handwriting analysis sounds cool too - i've always wondered why my handwriting varies in terms of neatness/sloppiness at different times and what that means of my mind at those times, like am i crazier? I've wondered about other people's handwriting too...

  4. Thanks, Susan, and thanks for editing "Angry Tanka"! I enjoyed that feature!

    Well, I had read a handwriting analysis book I bought when I was in high school or college. After that, I was analyzing all over the place. ;) (I have to force myself to be neat w/my own handwriting. Mine gets sloppy pretty easily.)