Saturday, October 11, 2014

In noonday sun

in noonday sun
a buttermilk racer
hugging the house –
as I inch closer
my fear slinks away

A Hundred Gourds, 3:3, June 2014


  1. Snakes - even when you know they're nonvenomous - it's probably best to not let down your guard. Smiles

  2. This one was fairly large, coiled up on the ramp to our side door. Not long ago, way out back, Mr. JanetLD found a baby copperhead. We have to be careful around here!

  3. I had to google 'buttermilk racer' as I did not know what one was. Yikes...even not being venomous I would have jumped and stayed spooked. I like how fear "slinks away" turn of phrase.

  4. Wonderful use of "slinks." I think I would have used a different door to get in.


    1. Thanks, Jennifer and Adelaide. I believe I did jump at first when I opened the side door and saw it. I think I quickly went back inside, but then I went back out again, got a tiny bit closer, and stared at it; the snake really was quite impressive and large. It slithered down the ramp, "hugged" the foundation of the house for a while, and then slithered across the yard and driveway. Haven't seen it since but have seen other snakes.