Thursday, February 12, 2015

How deftly; in love; 20-some years

how deftly
you maneuver the chopsticks—
with fork in hand
I study your routine
as if you were a gymnast

—I think this was published (2007?), but I can't figure out where

in love
over vegetable curry
I can’t stop staring. . .
this brown rice
isn’t one bit mushy

—Simply Haiku, Autumn 2006

20-some years
of knowing each other
we choose mild
for the heat level
of our chana masala

—Fire Pearls 2 (an anthology by Keibooks), 2013


  1. Food is a way to a man's heart and to writing tanka.

    Good ones, Janet.

  2. What a delightful--and delicious--Valentine trio!

  3. Twenty years--an admirable accomplishment! That second one especially made me grin...but that last one too is so good. You know how to put just the right nuance in your tanka.

  4. These pieces work well together. I am attempting my first tanka - though, so far, it remains a work in progress. They can be, I am finding, deceptively "tricky".

  5. Thanks, faithful readers Adelaide, Jenny, Jennifer, and Wendy. And happy Valentine's Day.

    Wendy - Glad you're trying your hand at tanka. They can indeed be tricky to write, sometimes a bit maddening, and definitely addictive. :-o A few pointers: don't try too hard, get your head out of the way, remember that less is often more, focus on just a tiny moment or two. My biggest obstacle early on was probably trying too hard. Now it might be on thinking too much and not focusing enough.