Saturday, April 11, 2015

Announcement: Tanka Society of America Celebration of Tanka

Tanka poets and others who enjoy reading tanka, hop on over to the Tanka Society of America (TSA) Facebook page. A new prompt will be posted each week throughout the month of April. From Margaret Chula, TSA president:

National Poetry Month Celebration of Tanka

This week the TSA celebrates its 15th anniversary, so it's fitting that the prompt be "anniversary." You may expand the theme from a pleasant memory—a wedding, birthday, family celebration, graduation—or an observance of something not so pleasant. My tanka below recalls a misfortune with a touch of humor.

of last year’s house fire
I bless our new house
with a wand of burning sage—
bucket of water nearby

—Margaret Chula
Always Filling, Always Full


  1. A wonderful tanka. how awful that your house caught fire last year! Hope you were unharmed!

  2. Hi, Susan. Thanks, but that tanka belongs to Margaret Chula.

  3. oops! you can just delete my comment then! lol!