Sunday, May 31, 2015

Downy puffs

The first weekend in June, two years ago—My niece and her band of friends float from party to party. Once the ceremonies and celebrations are over, I discover in my Facebook news feed a picture that says it all: a long line of them captured in mid-leap, mortarboards flung into the stratosphere.

downy puffs
of cottonwood seed
in flight
a flock of new graduates
looking for somewhere to land

GUSTS, No. 21, Spring/Summer 2015

I'm glad I was able to fly to Illinois to attend the festivities. Everywhere I looked, it seemed, there were indeed fluffy cottonwood seeds.


  1. I love the downy puffs juxtaposed against a Graduation Ceremony - something so youthful and tender and dear about that image ... "looking for somewhere to land" - lump-in-throat insightful and poignant in the fragility of that fickle breeze.

  2. Yes, a wonderful juxtaposition of images!

  3. thanks for the wonderful comments, wendy and jenny!
    thanks also for continuing to read my poems here. :)