Thursday, May 21, 2015


in succulent leaves, 
a sign: 
Don’t water the plant 
It needs a dry spell 

office building, Magnolia, Texas, USA
Atlas Poetica, 20, January 2015

No dry spells here. It seems the rains just don't want to cease; we're way above average monthly rainfall totals. Our wet-weather creek at the back has probably run over. And to think that for two or three years earlier in this decade we were in "exceptional drought" mode!


  1. I love this poem for the ironic metaphor in its closing lines--don't we all need occasional dry spells? Why?

  2. thanks, J., and glad the intended irony and metaphor came through for you.

  3. I fear the strange weather. It has been unusually wet for us so I expect it to jump into a dry hot summer. Hope not. You can hear the grass growing.

    Thanks for visiting. I think I was partial because he was a farmer but he has a wonderfully unique voice.