Thursday, June 11, 2015

How I bristled

how I bristled
at ruffles, bows, and hats,
my baggy play dress
made of pillow ticking

Skylark, 3:1, Spring/Summer 2015

For years, my grandmother loved to see me in hats and bows—and hats with bows. That may have been okay for my dolls. But it wasn't for me, though in my humble opinion I did at least try to cooperate.

My play dress looked like an old-fashioned striped pillowcase. I still remember one of the teenage boys next door rolling down his bedroom window and teasing me about it (in a good-natured way).


  1. What a wonderfully warm little snippet of childhood nostalgia. I can picture it in my mind's eye . . . and all the adventures you rode off to it that play dress. Such a sweet reminiscence, Janet.

  2. There are girls who love to dress up and those who don't. It would have been easier on my mother if I didn't love to dress up so much. My mother made all my dresses as a child.I loved the frills and bows. I was inept at sports, and although I got as dirty as anyone else in my play clothes, I always looked forward to wearing my Sunday dress for church.

    I see these fancy dresses in stores, but seldom see little girls actually wearing them. Short, pants and tee shirts are the standard items these days.


  3. A charming & relatable memory! ( I never ever wore dresses as a child--not if I could help it.)

  4. Thank you for the thoughtful comments, Wendy, Adelaide, and Jenny.

    Please forgive: I'm behind in my blogging!