Monday, July 6, 2015

Gabcikovo lock

Gabcikovo lock
filling and emptying—
how many 
more feet must we fall
before the doors open?

Atlas Poetica, 20, January 2015

Nov. 2013, on Danube Canal
between Slovakia and Hungary


  1. The mechanics of life can be exasperating. I've been trying to explain that to my grandson lately: "It won't work right if it doesn't have enough air ... water ... force ... speed ... whatever behind it." As if being 3 years old isn't bewildering enough. Ha!

  2. Love the way your poems make the simplest, most literal observations, or--in this case--questions--which are suddenly and magically transformed into metaphor! How many more feet indeed? And those doors open onto. . .what?

  3. I enjoyed your post, Wendy!

    And thanks, Jenny! I think I may sometimes tire of my metaphors. ;) I think I've been writing/thinking metaphorically or in a layered way since I was quite young, so perhaps I almost can't help myself, ha!