Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer nights

summer nights
of sleepovers
and secrets ...
only the moon
stayed up as late

Ribbons, Tanka Cafe (theme: spring/summer), spring/summer 2016

When we were young kids, why was it so exciting to spend the night with friends and cousins? And why was it such a thrill to stay up until at least midnight, whispering, and also, if we managed to pull it off, downing "midnight snacks"? Back when times were much simpler….


  1. Those were indeed magical times! I can barely make it to midnight these days!

  2. Oh those long ago summer nights (sigh) the simple pleasure of amiable camaraderie shared in hours you would - normally - be sleeping ... if you had to get up and go to school, the next day. I think children learn early-on that unscheduled time is a treat to be savored with enthusiasm. This brought back, more than a few memories, Janet.

  3. Yes, those long, lingering evenings, with fireflies--such pleasant memories.

  4. Yes, those magical, unscheduled, firefly-filled nights of long ago! Thanks, everyone.

    Good to see you pop in, Peggy. Glad you enjoyed this.