Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I scavenge

I scavenge
perfect pine cones
from downed trees,
unsure if my pail
holds joy or sorrow

—GUSTS #16, Fall/Winter 2012

Update (Spring 2013): I noticed that the above tanka is now in the list of favorites at the GUSTS website. A designated poet or two choose three to four of their favorite poems from the latest issue for inclusion in the list.


  1. For me, the pail holds a little of both, happy to be alive and a bit of melancholy(not real sorrow)at time passing. Lovely tanka.


  2. Thanks, Adelaide.
    Hopefully, any hard-core sorrow we may experience in life won't take up much room in our pails.

  3. This is still one of my favorites, Janet. Lines 4 & 5 say so much in so little space.

  4. Many thanks, Jenny.
    I have to admit it's one of my own favorites among what I've written during the past year. ;)