Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The needle

the needle 
skips across tracks
on a warped LP 
.....songs in my life
.....I cannot replay

Ribbons, Autumn 2012

A friend gave me three or four wonderful LPs many years ago. For some reason, I left them in my car, which was parked at the top, i.e., open-air level, of a parking garage. Brilliant, I know. (Vinyl melts.)

LPs? I must be old. Today's my birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday! There may be songs you can't replay, but your poems are still playing beautifully!

  2. thanks, jenny. b-days get quieter and quieter, it seems, and poems harder and harder to write - but the little moments become more special.

  3. Happy birthday, Janet! A day or two late . . . but hope you're still celebrating!

  4. Happy Birthday. We all have those songs that can only be replayed in memory.


  5. Thanks, Adelaide. Yes! Some of those memories we want to replay (at least in memory) and others we'd prefer not to.

  6. Thank you, Maggie! Didn't celebrate my b-day a whole lot (though got to visit my sister and family up north); it tends to get caught up in early Christmas celebrations. But I made it through another year! And we did have a nice weekend: a small (unrelated) dinner party and overnight stay with out-of-town friends.