Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A stranger's card

a stranger's card
adrift on our winter lawn . . .
handwritten inside
Noel's wife has cancer,
just thought you should know

—Wisteria, Issue 4, Jan. 2007; Modern English Tanka, Spring 2007

All literally true. How connected we are.


  1. A wonderful poem, testament to the power of simply observing and recording the literal truth.

  2. Thanks, Jenny; I always enjoy your comments. I think there's probably a lot of interesting literal truth out there.

  3. A sad reminder of how many people have the disease.I know of and have known of too many people who have had the disease. Some have survived, thank God, but sadly, some have not.


  4. Ditto, Adelaide, the disease is all-too familiar to most of us; in my mind, I sometimes call it the "Big C."