Saturday, January 5, 2013

First few days

first few days
into this New Year,
tinsel removed—
I hang up bath linens
the color of spring

moonset, Spring 2006; While the Light Holds (Magnapoets Anthology Series 2)

I remember what bath towels I'm referring to (they're yellow), and I know when I wrote this tanka (almost exactly seven years ago). Have I really not bought us any new ones since then? That is, except for some cheap decorative ones I hung up in the bathroom of the house we were desperately trying to sell. :o 


  1. A very relatable tanka about the mingled regret & anticipation of putting away
    Christmas for another year. I like the contrast between the artificial (tinsel) and the natural (spring).

  2. I'm always ready for spring right after the holidays and understand the desire to brighten up the house with yellow and other spring colors. This weekend I take down the tree. It's not fun as putting it up.

    Happy New Year.

  3. I appreciate your comments, you two.
    We had lunch today at a charming artsy cafe; there's a "Christmas tree" in the corner against the wall that is left up all year but the ornaments change per season. My tree is still up and will be for at least a few more days. I got it up later than I'd intended and, being gone off and on, feel like I didn't have enough chance to enjoy it. Hmm, maybe I should just let it sit there all year.