Sunday, February 10, 2013

Every week

every week
you must leave . . .
and every week
I am with you
at takeoff and landing

Ribbons (Tanka Cafe, "The Abstract"), Spring 2006

This one flowed out of me (or into me?) pretty much intact. It's unusual for a tanka, I know, but I was pleased (and surprised) to see the nice little write-up it received in the Ribbons Tanka Cafe several years ago.


  1. The scariest part of flying, for me, is takeoff and landing. I see a wife or a lover, either being watchful (and perhaps fearful) at home or at the airport. Knowing it happens every week is stressful, and probably will never be "just another day at the office." I can understand why you got a nice writ-up.


  2. Yes, you indeed "got" the literal meaning: watchful at home. "He" flew back and forth on that particular assignment almost every week for at least 1-1/2 years straight. Other times, he'd travel an average of about twice a month. Now, suddenly, he is here, almost every day, working from his office at the house, the first time ever for that.