Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long dark hair

long dark hair
tossed until it's tangled;
I use it
to sweep up the crumbs of me
you've failed to notice

Fire Pearls (2006)

I wrote this while I was in the middle of a "live" e-mail conversation with someone. There's kind of a funny story associated with it.

New Anthology: For those of you who write tanka or other short 5-line poetry, note that submissions currently are being accepted (until March 15) for Fire Pearls 2: Short Masterpieces of Love and Passion.


  1. A vivid image sharply evoking the all-too-familiar feeling of being unnoticed--and broken into crumbs. Very effective.

  2. This one resonates with me. What it's like to go unnoticed to the point that you almost have to set yourself on fire in front of the person you desire. This one is subtle and sad. Gets the point across in the perfect way. stace