Monday, May 20, 2013

Year of records

year of records:
the heat, the cold, the drought,
the fires …
and in those small hours
the patience within me

—A Hundred Gourds, 2:2, March 2013

Suddenly our summer has arrived, as usual a few weeks ahead of schedule. Until recently, we've had record-cool spring temps here, which I've really enjoyed. Most of the various records from 2011, however, I hope never to experience again.

Note: I posted this today (Monday) before the monster tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, but I "post-dedicate" my poem to the many victims there. I'm almost an "Okie." My parents grew up in Oklahoma, and a number of my relatives still live there, particularly in the Oklahoma City area (including Moore and also Edmond, where other tornado damage occurred on Sunday). My relatives appear to be fine—but so many heartbreaking scenes.


  1. I love this poem; how line 5 turns it around and opens it up. . .

  2. I missed this poem somehow first time around, Janet. Thank you for posting it here . . . Those last two lines are beauties!

  3. Well put. The extreme weather and your capture (especially your last line) calls to mind the Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

  4. p.s. i think we are indeed living in interesting times!

  5. Yes, we need patience. I've been moaning about our cold and rain, too much rain and too cold for late in May, but I see that I need to be patient.
    Thanks for the reminder.


  6. hi, adelaide, and thanks for the comment. i am not always a patient person, but we reached a point that year with all the various challenges thrown our way that we just had to sigh, be patient, and "release our burdens."