Friday, May 24, 2013

Brown-feathered bird

brown-feathered bird—
if I could live nameless
on this earth
yet find my voice in flight
across a poem's lines ...

Skylark, 1:1, Summer 2013
The Skylark's Nest clutch of runners-up

Skylark: a new tanka journal by poet Claire Everett, with drawings and commentary by her daughter Amy, who also judged this first contest. We wrote poems in response to the illustration that adorns the cover.


  1. This is exquisite. I felt a lump in my throat when I read:

    across a poem's lines ..."

  2. You have found your voice. It soars in this poem.

  3. thanks for your comments, wendy and jenny!
    my theme song in life, I think. ;)

  4. This is so moving and I agree you definitely have found your voice.

  5. thank you, lisa!

    we may find our voices through creativity (or other means), but it seems we have to re-find them over and over! every day, every poem a new adventure.

    glad this one seems to be going over well. i churned it out just before the deadline, and though its mantra fits me, i was a little hesitant about sending it in.

  6. You have found your seems to me! Ciao! Jacopo

  7. hello, nice to meet you, and thanks, jacopo!

  8. so I understand! thanks for stopping by!