Friday, June 14, 2013

Planting privet

planting privet
we mix fresh garden soil
with old earth
expectant of buds
and deep rambling roots

kernels, Premier Edition, Spring 2013

Well, our variegated privet, which I understand may grow like weeds in certain parts of the U.S. and elsewhere in the world (or at least the regular privet apparently does), isn't thriving here quite yet. It didn't help that soon after we planted it, the deer thought it was part of their salad bar—even though it's supposed to be deer-resistant. But the earth and I are still "expectant." 


  1. mixing "fresh garden soil with old earth" - a good start for most things, I think.

  2. . . . and remaining "expectant" is always the best way to live!

  3. Just came back in from outside - sweating and feeling wobbly and now drinking water. To help take care of our rustic place, we could use a team of 2-3 people at least every other weekend - but we don't have that. You'd have to see what we're talking about in person and hear our long sob story....

    Yes, must remain expectant - about a lot of things!

    Thx, Wendy and Jenny.

  4. Lovely! One must always hope for the best.

  5. Good luck with your privet. Ours here in the Northeast is 7 ft tall at least and needs to be cut down. It's on the list of things we have to do ( has been on the list for a few years now. One of these days...


  6. at our houston house we had lots of regular privet that tall. ugh. at least it was something that wouldn't die. we like the smaller, fluffy variegated privet better - easier to maintain and prettier. but we do wish it would do well here.