Monday, July 22, 2013

Each morning

each morning
outside the bedroom window
the redbird
trills triumphantly—
but where, oh where is his mate?

—Megaera ("Taking Form"), Vol. 8, Issue 4, No. 27, Fall 2006

I had forgotten about this quirky poem until I found it recently when paging through an eclectic (and fun) journal packed away in a box. The new editor wanted to focus on different poetic forms and asked me to prepare a brief tanka write-up. I doubt I was the most qualified spokesperson, since I was pretty much a newcomer to tanka, but I was glad to help spread the word. :)

We had a lot of cardinal activity at the old house. I'm glad to say that cardinals frequently visit here too, though none of them seem to be as loud as the one described above!


  1. This is such a charming poem =) I love the form as well!

  2. This was so neat! We have a pair of cardinals that seem to live somewhere on our property. I discovered the males sing very very loudly to claim territory. I love seeing the flash of reds among the greens.

  3. PS - I love the name of your blog! :)

  4. thanks, mind and TALON. :)
    I love seeing cardinals myself. and glad you like the name; it seemed fitting given my surroundings.

  5. This is lovely Janet. We have jays instead of cardinals, but there is something about the flash of color, especially in the morning. I too love the name of your blog!

  6. lovely tanka - I hope the cardinal found his mate eventually!

  7. How lovely! It is one of my ambitions in life to see a red cardinal!

  8. there's something very joyous about cardinals (to me). audrey - occasionally, I'll see a bluejay; I agree about the flash of color! juliet - thanks, I'm sure he did! kerry - may you someday meet your goal! :)