Wednesday, August 28, 2013


When you unearth Atlantis
you will find me
my backroads
my passion
flung among the rubble.

You will find me
as embers
eros of energy
heaving through debris
like mountains
ascending from the ocean.

All you see now:
my lazuline eyes
and droplets of magma
glowing, creeping from their corners.
It is what you search for
this crusted chaos
is it not
(as souls seek out nests)?

But beware:
if you retrieve me
you must not keep me;
I could ignite

and so might you.

Ancient Heart, 2006

photo (of a puddle) copyright of Robert Curtis

Sharing with Poets United, Sept. 1

Perhaps this poem is fitting given the scorched conditions we've had here, in our tiny dot on the map in southeast Texas, during the past month or two. 


  1. Great fiery, imaginative images in this piece.
    The first line is perfect:

    When you unearth Atlantis

    as it sets the tone – Story? Reality? Or a process of both.

    Very creative – the energy sizzles.

  2. Wow! Fiery, chaotic power under a quiescent crust . . . like the poet herself? Well worth the risk of retrieval.

  3. thanks, you two - glad you enjoyed the fiery chaos here.

    yes, I (all of us?) may be found underneath atlantis; a lot of digging may be required. sometimes if we dig too deep, though, we must be cautious.

  4. imaginative and surreal. Deep down maybe we all burn with a fiery passion. We just need a way to get out


  5. "Deep down maybe we all burn with a fiery passion." I suspect that's true, though I'm not sure how much we'd be able to handle when/if fully exposed to it.

  6. P.S. Much/most of this one just came rolling out. It felt like a message to me, especially the warning.

  7. Glorious! Lifted my mind right off the planet, which was a welcome relief!

  8. it was smoking hot here today so i might survive...i am enchanting with the thought of atlantis...and finding you as the energy of eros is pretty cool as well....

  9. ooo...I agree, this sizzles! Love the whole piece, but the imagery in stanza 3 is especially stunning.

  10. thanks, sherry, gail, brian, and jennifer!


  11. Very insightful and beneath its exterior is a multitude of applications. The message is vivid enough to be taken quite literally yet vague enough to be a strong metaphor for numerous situations. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thank you, Justin, and nice to meet you!