Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our honeymoon; I tell him; an e-card

our honeymoon
spent choosing furniture
for our new home,
hopeful roots sprouting
from solid-wood legs

Fire Pearls 2 (anthology), 2013

I tell him
it's his anniversary
he tells me
it's mine too—the comfort
in our seeming nonchalance

—bottle rockets 18, 2008; Take Five, Vol. 1, 2009

an e-card 
sent from his corner 
of the house 
our anniversary 
hiding in my spam 

red lights, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2013

Anyone who watches the Bachelor/Bachelorette on TV with his spouse should be given a medal. Yes, it's true.


  1. hi janet, it's Ken. I appreciate your commenting on my blog. I have been to yours many times and thought I would return the favor. I love these three tanka here. I recall the last one from the forum but never saw the other two. I love your style.

  2. A whimsical and warm - comfortable and romantic capture. (The stuff of a happy, committed relationship, I think.)

  3. Nice to see you visit, Ken, and thanks for the compliments! The first one I wrote with FP 2 in mind after the 2nd call for submissions that MK sent out; he said he was looking for some particular subjects, such as honeymoons, so that's how that came about (but it's a true story - buying the furniture, with the severance pay I rec'd from my job!).

    Thanks, Wendy. (I think, hope, so too!)

  4. Three charming poems that fit together so well and bespeak such a comfortable relationship!

  5. Replies
    1. A warm and charming set of tanka. It's a pleasure to read tanka of happy relationships. I frequently write about mine, but don't often see others.


  6. Thanks, Adelaide. Hmm, yes, I guess so - not a lot of "happy" ones. I'm rotten at romantic, so charming/whimsical, and occasionally silly or sarcastic, will have to do.

    I suppose I'll discover an e-card in my inbox or spam folder tomorrow. ;) And sometime I'll get another charm added to my bracelet (a tradition he started); nice bracelet.