Monday, October 14, 2013

I don't fret; water flows

I don't fret
about privacy,
these blinds open
to the midday sun
and the crow-black night

water flows 
down our seasonal creek
as before
we learn how to let
the ripples just be

—both: Atlas Poetica, No. 14, Spring 2013

Today I walked out back to the wet-weather creek. It's been empty again for quite a while, due to our "extreme drought" conditions. Despite the recent rains, including heavy downpours this weekend, there is no water "flowing" down it now. But we do have mud—a good sign, I think, ha.


  1. I love mud as a "good sign" ha! Not usually what I think of around here when boys track it in lol. Both of these speak to me of not worrying, and as I tend to be a worrier by nature I need that reminder! Peace, relax, just chill...yes...thank you!

  2. I appreciate your feedback, Jennifer!
    I need the reminder too.
    May you always have clean (unmuddy) carpets!

  3. There is real serenity in this - not just in not worrying about what we cannot change; but also in not concerning ourselves even if we might possibly alter something that - in the scheme of things - is inconsequential. The piece has a really pleasant vibe.

  4. thanks, wendy - and so glad you found serenity in these.

  5. Two nice reminders to be open to whatever comes--thanks for the little dose of serenity!

    1. Nice to see you again, Jenny. Thanks!

  6. The second one, especially, speaks to me, Janet. I love the "sound" of it . . . the use of the phrase "as before" in the pivot line. But then again "crow-black night:" is a wonderful image as well. Maggie

  7. thanks for stopping by, maggie!
    I'm glad you approve of that line 3; if you'd like, I can tell you a little story about it sometime.