Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sandy patches

sandy patches
where only weeds
ever grow ...
a family of deer
leaving their imprint

kernels, Spring 2013

Maybe someday I'll be able to snap a photo around here of deer. At this time, they're still quite timid.


  1. I love how line 5 opens the poem outward and inward with its many possible interpretations. The poem itself leaves an imprint.

  2. thanks for your thoughtful comment, Jenny.
    I love watching deer; it's rare when I see a whole family of them on our property.

  3. Yes, the fifth line is really unexpected - and yet, the rest of the piece seems to fall from it - in retrospect.

  4. Hi, Wendy - thanks for the feedback!

  5. Deer are so graceful...hope you get that shot. Looking forward to seeing it if you do. Lovely tanka Janet!