Sunday, December 22, 2013

Childless, yet ...

Excuse me, time for a little holiday cheesiness now. We decided to give Santa a thrill one year long ago. I'm the older one, on the right, with the puffy hair. 

childless, yet ...
memories of crimson suits
and ermine beards
..........drift to the surface
of my snowy mind

—Ribbons, Winter 2006, Vol. 2, No. 2

B E S T  G R E E T I N G S  O F  T H E  S E A S O N 


  1. I enjoyed both poem & photo. The child in each of us drifts to the surface at this season. Love your word choices: drift & snowy. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Lovely holiday tanka. I remember more about the toy land one department store set up than the store Santa. Each child who visited received a grab bag with some gift in it and some candy. More fun than sitting on Santa's lap.


  3. Thank you, Jenny and Adelaide. And Happy Holidays to you too! I would have liked to have visited that Santa; the most we ever got was a polaroid photo and/or a candy cane. I'm not sure I really loved sitting on Santa's lap either. And one time Santa scolded me because I said I wanted a Barbie and Ken; he hinted that wanting two dolls was kind of greedy. I guess he didn't know they were small and not that expensive, but in any event, I never got them! ;)

  4. This is very sweet and stirred up a lot of Santa memories. I especially liked: "drift to the surface of my snowy mind". Wonderful!

  5. thanks - and enjoy the holidays!