Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A nativity

a nativity
small enough to fit
in a matchbox ...
I turn the key
to play Silent Night

—GUSTS, #18, Fall/Winter 2013

Where Franz Gruber composed the beloved song Silent Night

During our Danube trip last month, I perked up as I heard the announcement that we were passing by Arnsdorf (Austria), where schoolteacher, church caretaker, and organist Franz Gruber composed the melody for Silent Night. When I was around 13, one of my grandmothers gave me a small book about Gruber and the history of that familiar Christmas carol. So, we quickly clicked away with our cameras. 

P.S. See the preceding post for a picture of the music box described above.


  1. A trip to the Danube - how wonderful! And yes, the moment when the music begins coming from a little music box - magic.

  2. Silent Night is my favorite Christmas carol! It's so soothing. Love the tanka and the photo!

  3. thanks, wendy and jennifer! I agree that Silent Night is soothing.
    it was magical seeing this little town and church along the Danube.

  4. Such a nice complement to your previous post--another poem about the wonders hidden in small things. Great photo, too--I'm always intrigued by how things look different from different points of view--such as the middle of a river!

  5. Thanks, Jenny! Almost always, the sailing took place during the night, when we were asleep. That afternoon was an exception. So nice to see several little towns from the river, including Willendorf, all with their steeples and clock towers and some with their ancient crumbling walls and castles.

  6. Such a nice piece--I love the Gruber story and the hymn--

  7. Yes, a good story. Thank you, Audrey!

  8. I didn't realize the origin of Silent Night.

  9. Yes, the composer lived and worked there (where pictured). Thanks for stopping by!

  10. What a delightful little music box that must be, as delightful as the tanka.