Friday, February 21, 2014

One year; this small pendant

one year
an emerald ring
next, sapphire ...
before we parted
they were meadow and sea

this small pendant
I wear every day:
inside the heart
an open-winged dove
holding an olive branch

—both from Fire Pearls 2, 2013


  1. Emerald and sapphire...meadow and sea...beautiful play. And I love the olive branch, and what it signifies. Wonderful work Janet...your blog is always a delight to me!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. I sometimes wonder if/when I should end this blog. I appreciate your continued support!

    Hmm, maybe I should include a photo of the pendant here...

    1. I really hope you don't quit this blog Janet...I so enjoy your work, it's a bright spot for me in the blogosphere. And you make me want to try my hand at tanka...

      It would be cool to see a photo of the pendant too! :)

  3. This is a really sweet piece, Janet. I, too, thought "an open-winged dove holding an olive branch" was lovely.

    Jennifer pointed out Poetry Jam to me - (They post a new prompt each Tuesday night at 9:00 central time and poets can decide if they want to submit to it or not. The topics are broad, but you can write on an aspect of a larger theme. It is a very supportive environment, people who post that week generally try to check out, at least some of, the other posts.) They seem to have submissions of a variety of poetic forms, and I've found that it really has given my poetic incentive a boost. Anyway, it may not be your thing, but I thought I'd pass it along.)

  4. Thank you, Wendy, for the kind comments and the idea. I'm barely writing any poems these days - sidetracked by some other things - but it does sound kind of fun, particularly if I decide to take up free verse again (as opposed to tanka). You never know! Regardless, maybe I'll take a look at it!

  5. Thanks, Adelaide!

    Jennifer, I appreciate your kind comment. And I hope you (and Wendy) do try your hand at tanka sometime.

    I looked for my pendant today, which I really used to wear every day (till the chain broke), I but I couldn't find it. So, no picture for now!