Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Postage stamps

postage stamps
with LOVE swirled in red—
the mail clerk
asks if it's okay
to use them on my letters

Fire Pearls 2, 2013

True story. She seemed to want to get rid of those stamps. So, yes, I allowed her to put them on my letters, and I bought a few additional ones to take home. I thought it was very considerate of her to ask, lol. Here's one:

And this marks the end of the second annual "Love Month" at twigs&stones.


  1. lol...well, yeah, why not spread the love? I like the stamp too--it's pretty and red is my favorite color. Thanks Janet, this made me smile!

  2. Aww--this is very sweet really--and like Poet Laundry, it makes me smile!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Audrey. Glad it made you smile.
    Though I'm not a terribly frilly person, I admit that I like those stamps myself. ;)

  4. It just goes to show you: people do say the darndest things. Spreading love around after Valentine's Day: simply taboo - who knew??? I gather it's right up there with wearing white after Labor Day. Smiles.

  5. I enjoyed your post, Wendy - thanks!

  6. Janet, I love all your love-month poems, which I have missed because Blogger has seen fit to stop sending me email notifications! Each poem is a small gem in its own right, but together they make a wonderful series. I'm glad I found them at last!

  7. Thank you, Jenny.

    Yeah, I'm not sure what's been going on. I'd not been receiving notifications about yours either.