Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Announcement: Spring Tanka on Facebook

Please join us on the Tanka Society of America (TSA) Facebook page for a "Spring Tanka" event in recognition of National Poetry Month and the TSA's anniversary. Read all the poems posted there to this week's theme of "spring flowers." Post your own tanka too. There will be three additional themes during the month of April. Celebrate, enjoy!

almost painful
the sweet girlhood fragrance
of apple blossoms
I close my eyes
and sniff again

Photo: SPRING TANKA  April is National Poetry Month and also the anniversary month of the Tanka Society of America, which was formed in April 2000 by Michael Dylan Welch. To celebrate poetry and spring, I'd like to invite you to post tanka on this site.   Each week we'll have a theme. For April 6-13, it's

—Above tanka and photo by Margaret Chula, TSA President


  1. Very enjoyable tanka...thanks for sharing it Janet. I'm not on Facebook, but I bet there will be some wonderful shares!

  2. thanks for your support, jennifer. there's been an amazing response to this event thus far - a lot of participants and even more readers.

  3. scent is so powerful - you've captured that beautifully here, Janet.

  4. Wendy, wish I could claim this one, but it actually was written by Margaret Chula, Tanka Soc. of America president. :) Thanks for posting, though!

    1. Oops! Just spotted that credit (though a bit late) but, none the less, a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing. Smiles.