Thursday, May 15, 2014

Motionless; stiff blue string

on a gurney—
sky blue socks
with nonskid treads
to steady me

Skylark, 1:2, Winter 2013

stiff blue string
knotted on my finger ...
the pain
that lasts long after
the stitches are removed

Moonbathing, issue #9

The incident mentioned in the second poem occurred in May 2013. Was one ER visit too many for me. I still seem to have some scar tissue in my index finger, and I can't bend the finger as easily as "normal." But overall it seems to have healed up better than I was warned! 


  1. These tankas work well together, Janet – blue, being a color, I think, that has a strong connection to emotion.

  2. Ha! Love the irony of the nonskid treads. I don't much care for ER visits either!

  3. Two very strong poems that complement each other so well, linked by their themes of illness or injury as well as the evocative color blue. Both can of course be read quite literally but offer metaphorical depths under the surface.

  4. I really like how you conveyed your sense of apprehension in the first one. You always seem to know how much to say or how to say it that is not obvious. I hope that if I keep reading your work, maybe some of it will sink in and I will not write such oddball things! Be grateful for your talent! You make it look so easy...

    1. p.s. nothing you write could be considered insignificant, as the subtitle of your blog suggests!

    2. Two great tanka.

      I've worn those blue socks a number of times in my life. The last time I had to wear them out of the hospital because I was brought in on a stretcher not wearing shoes and forgot to ask my husband to bring shoes when he came to take me home.

  5. Thank you, Wendy, Jennifer, Jenny, Susan, and Adelaide for your kind, meaningful comments here. Enjoyed reading them upon my return home from a rare (and fun) vacation.

    S, "oddball" is often a good thing in poetry. You have a good, refreshing voice!
    "Insignificant" = I'm a tiny dot in this blogging world, and the universe. But, alas, we're all significant.

    A, your socks comment made me grin.