Sunday, May 25, 2014

When we arrive

when we arrive
…..a cover of ice
before we leave
…..a teal-colored lake
… way to reflection

A Hundred Gourds, 3:1, December 2013

This weekend we returned from a wonderful northeast cruise with friends—to Maine, then Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, Canada. In the above tanka, however, I refer to Lake Louise in western Canada (Alberta). Literally, upon our arrival one May many years ago, the surface of the lake was still frozen, but within just a day or two, most of the ice had melted. A beautiful, fascinating transformation to witness.


  1. A lovely poem of transformation. I love line 5, which can be read as a metaphor for what this poem does--give way to reflection--as do so many of your tanka.

  2. Lovely. It's amazing how the weather can change so rapidly. Here in the northeast today feels like mid-summer; last week it felt like late March.


  3. Thank you, Jenny and Adelaide!
    Guess we needed to be up there this week instead. The weather turned particularly cool last week - and foggy.

  4. "a teal-colored lake". Sigh . . . beautiful. I am there.

  5. thanks, Wendy! perhaps you've been to that lake?

    1. Yes, I have (several times) on one of our many back-and-forthings across Canada. The mountains that surround it are spectacular and perfect - for all manner of reflection. And again "teal-colored lake" just take-my-breath-away awesome image.

    2. I'd like to go back there myself!

  6. What a lovely, rejuvenating experience--captured just right!