Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breathless; a cottontail

will I ever slow down
my racing thoughts?
a roadrunner pauses
on the sunlit grass

a cottontail
camping out in a bed
of garlic ...
why am I drawn to things
that ought to repel me?

—both tanka in Atlas Poetica, #18, Summer 2014


  1. Hi, Vandana. I'm not sure I understand your comment, but thanks! (Maybe it applies to your interpretation of "why am I drawn…?")

  2. These two poems go together so well, each using the sight of a common wild creature as the occasion for a self-reflective question. . . and the two questions reverberate with each other, adding layers of complexity to the pair of poems.

  3. Yes, we are like that, no? You have a gift of getting right to the heart of humanity in your poems.

  4. thank you for the v. thoughtful feedback, jenny and jennifer. :)

  5. I too, am plagued with racing thoughts. Though, I have found that writing and reading poetry helps to "park" them - at least for a bit. Smiles.