Monday, January 5, 2015

A widow; a small moth

a widow
traveling alone
her stories
intricate as the design
on her needlepoint purse

Moonbathing, Nov. 2014

a small moth
above our dashboard—
three of us together
miles away from home

Presence, #49, Feb. 2014

May your travels through 2015 be bright and fulfilling!

P.S. A friend and I were privileged to meet the "widow" at afternoon tea while on a cruise ship voyage.


  1. Enjoyed these travel tanka. The first one, for me, had a lovely Agatha Christie vibe. It hovers in the air, as if waiting for a scintillating, mysterious yarn to begin unfolding. There's something about that needlepoint purse that unleashes the inner sleuth in me, I think.

  2. How well these two go together! Both hold stories & voyages we must imagine.

    1. Wendy and Jenny - Thanks. I've enjoyed your comments!

  3. I really like that first one especially. Excellent!