Sunday, January 11, 2015

More bad news

more bad news
forces its way inside
our home ...
a thin rim of snow
around the welcome mat

tinywords, November 2014

"Bad news" of some sort is rarely very far from us. May we find our own peace and joy where we can along the way.


  1. "a thin rim of snow around the welcome mat" - what a portent of cold days ahead. A very clever tanka.

  2. A perfect metaphor for the way in which things we don't want to know force themselves into our awareness. I suppose we need to keep the welcome mat out for whatever comes into our lives, and embrace it like a guest.

  3. thanks, wendy and jenny. a metaphor and literally true, too, the "rim of snow" and the additional bad news on the same day.

    yes, I suppose we do need to keep the "welcome mat" out. sometimes I forget.

  4. Brrr. Excellent. I hope some good news comes to warm things up!

    1. No doubt it will, Jennifer. Good news also is rarely far from us.