Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Crayon-thick lines

crayon-thick lines
of orange and blue—
her image of me
far more vivid
than I really am

Ribbons, "Tanka Cafe," Fall 2013

Drawing by my niece Abby, circa 2010. That's me beside the tent
that I live in. I can't remember if the tent was on fire or not.


  1. Love the gentle, self-deprecating irony in this, and the reflection on how our own perceptions of ourselves often differ from the perceptions of others. So much lies in the eye of the beholder! And a wonderfully charming portrait by your niece, as well.

  2. " her image of me far more vivid than I really am" - there's a lot to be gleaned from a child's artwork. A lovely little piece, Janet.

  3. If we could be as beautiful and invincible as our children think we are or my case THOUGHT I was.

    Thanks for coming by and congratulations on your new car. I suspect there are bells and whistles I will never find.