Sunday, February 7, 2016

Collaborative tanka sequence: Ash and embers

Many thanks to the magnificent Susan Constable, poet and tanka editor for A Hundred Gourds, for working with me on this collaboration: 

Ash and embers

Janet Lynn Davis &

Susan Constable

grass clippings 
still heavy and slick 
from a downpour— 
the last bits of summer 
clinging to their source 

the biggest bloom 
in the dahlia garden 
fades and curls … 
a friend in palliative care 
turns away from us all 

pale gray walls 
becoming grayer ... 
at ninety         
my grandmother
says she wants to die  

I touch the stove 
warm from ash and embers            
this morning 
the first shoots of daffodils    
poke through melting snow   

Ribbons, spring/summer 2015  
Note: Susan's tanka are "the biggest bloom" and "I touch the stove."


  1. What a wonderful sequence, at once poignant & hopeful. Shows what can happen when two of my favorite tanka poets collaborate!

  2. What a fine and touching collab! Kudos, gals!

  3. This is so lovely Janet and Susan. Beautiful words woven together with such tenderness and poignancy.

  4. A beautiful sequence by two talented poets.


  5. Thanks, everyone. Glad you enjoyed reading it.