Saturday, March 26, 2016

On bare ground; I consider

Here's a repeat, my second twigs&stones post. It almost feels like a "signature" poem for me:

on bare ground 
I sprinkle small seeds
with abandon
as if growing wildflowers
requires a lack of care

Notes from the Gean, June 2011; Take Five (vol. 4), 2012

And another repeat (though I decided to make a small edit here):

I consider
buying a lily
this week,
my deluded body
clinging to spring

Simply Haiku, Autumn 2006

To all who celebrate the holiday,  H A P P Y  E A S T E R ! And  P E A C E  to all.


  1. I always thought that's why people grew wildflowers, because they required no care. I've not seeded any in my garden because I couldn't tell the weeds from the wildflowers. Although, one gardener's weed is another gardner's wildflower. I look for the wildflowers along the side of the roads.

    Have a happy Easter.


  2. A great pairing of poems. The contrast between the wildflowers (planted with abandon) and the cultivated lily (considered but unpurchased) is telling. And in the first poem, your 'signature' poem, the idea that wildflowers positively 'require a lack of care' is a subtle but important and thought-provoking difference from merely not needing care. Some things flourish best untended.

    Happy Easter and Peace to you, too!

  3. thanks for you thoughtful posts, adelaide and jenny.

  4. I love both of these. Hope your Easter was fantastic!

  5. These two tanka dovetail beautifully together. I've always found it interesting how much the flora that we encounter and/or sow, reflects and expressions our desires and contemplations.

    1. Yes, it does, Wendy.

      Yours too - thanks, Jennifer.