Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Scarred with rust

scarred with rust
this metal dustpan
after two floods—  
the things I replace
the things I don't

Frameless Sky, issue 3, fall 2015


  1. There's a truism in this. The rust and dents of worn things in our lives says a lot about our priorities, how "tied" we are to the notion of "perfect" and whether or not we are able to appreciate the stories and the history that our possessions reflect.

  2. Yes, an interesting reflection on the things we choose to hang onto. I like the photo, too.

    1. Thanks, Jenny. Sometimes I need reminders, I guess, to show I'm tough, that I can weather things.

    2. This reminded me of the trend for "Stressed Furniture." I've been using for more than 50 years my in-laws dining room table. It is really stressed, but I wouldn't part with it.
      I wonder about the priorities of the young who often want everything perfect and right now.


    3. Hi, Adelaide. We have deliberately stressed-looking floors and fixtures. Much of the rest is time-stressed. I use my grandmother's very simple dining room set that was made 55-56 years ago.