Friday, May 6, 2016

Collaborative tanka sequence ("tanka pair")

I'm pleased to post this tanka pair, a collaboration with the talented Jo McInerney:


Janet Lynn Davis, USA ("what to keep")
& Jo McInerney, Australia ("we repair")

what to keep, 
what to throw away ...
tiny rhinestones 
missing from the wings 
of her butterfly brooch 

we repair 
her diamante bow 
before pinning it 
to her burial shift ...
the hope of resurrection 

Skylark, 4:1, Summer 2016

From Jo:
The woman for whom this tanka was written was Mum's oldest sister and outlived her by 27 years. She was my daughter's surrogate grandmother and my second mother. When she died I felt as though I had been orphaned again. 

From Janet:
This is my first Mother's Day without the earthly presence of my mother, Joan (pronounced JoAnn), who passed away on April 20 after a lengthy, debilitating illness. The world feels a little silent now. (I did, of course, keep the butterfly pin.)



  1. What a beautiful and moving pair of tanka for Mothers' Day!

  2. This is lovely and tender - the collaborative tanka sequence so touching: it's amazing when one considers that it was written by two individuals. The repairing and pinning of the diamante bow is very moving and really stirs a cascade of emotive feelings. The words: God Bless Her - unsaid ... but there.

    My heartfelt sympathy on your Mother's passing, Janet.

  3. Oh, wow. So beautiful, so touching. What an excellent collab.