Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A dollop; grouped by class

a dollop
of clotted cream
on my scone—
the pleasant taste of things
I once avoided

~afternoon tea, cruise ship

grouped by class
while on the Titanic
though just one
set of numbers
for all their gravestones

~Titanic cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

—both of these published in Atlas Poetica, 22, Summer 2015


  1. Both so different and both so stellar in their own right.

    How do you do it? You never cease to amaze me with just a few choice words.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. You're making me blush!

      I assure you, though, that there are many tanka poets both better and more prolific than I am. ;-)

  2. Two fine poems linked by the cruise ship theme. I like the metaphorical possibilities of the first one, and the poignant social commentary of the second.

  3. Two very thoughtful tanka - that, gave me pause, to reflect upon earthly indulgences ... from the smallest of guilty pleasures to the, false sense of superiority that high social status confers (albeit ephemeral, as your wonderful tanka points out with poignant reality).