Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Again the crows

again the crows
after the winds blow through
familiar to us
on wings of daylight

Skylark, 4:1, Summer 2016


  1. A very lyrical mood poem, which can be read several slightly different ways depending on where the reader chooses to pause. I like the contrast between the dark crows and the 'wings of daylight,' a contrast that adds metaphorical depth to the poem.

  2. Again the crows...ahh yes, I can hear them!

  3. I felt an enduring zen-like quality in this intricate and moving tanka. Fantastic writing, Janet.

  4. Thanks, you three. I like you comments and am glad this can be read in different ways. To me, crows are cool, interesting creatures (not scary). I hear them a lot around here. It's good after our "storms" to hear familiar voices once again.